Saturday, August 19, 2006

Know Your Water Lingo

Noah’s Water Fundraising
A Fundraising Service of
WHF Marketing Group
Wellness for Health through Fundraising”

The Mission: Promote Wellness and Raise Money for Boy Scouts

To promote Wellness and Health by selling a Sole-Source Functional 100% Natural Spring Water through Fundraising to generate revenue for Boy Scout Programs.

The Need: Raise money in order to fund the organization and allow
it to provide programs that allow the organization to function as it was planned; thereby, achieving Financial Wellness and a greater capability for the Scouts to experience the benefits of Your Program.

Know Your Water Lingo

Grocery stores and restaurants offer varieties of water that are difficult to keep up with. Spring, flavored, artesian, mineral, sparkling -- what do these watery terms mean? Isn't water ... water?

The Food and Drug Administration has developed definitions for each of these types of water, and more:

  • Artesian water is a certain type of well water, collected without mechanical pumping. The well must tap a confined aquifer (an underground layer of rock or sand with water) that has water standing much higher than the rock, gravel or sand.
  • Mineral water contains standard quantities of minerals that must be naturally present, not added.
  • Purified water has been processed to remove minerals and other solids. (Purified doesn't mean it is better for you than any other kind.)
  • Sparkling water is water with a "fizz," either with added carbon dioxide or naturally carbonated. (Seltzer, tonic and club soda are not sparkling water, they are considered soft drinks.)
  • Spring Water comes from an underground source and naturally flows to the surface. It must be collected at the spring or through a bored hole that taps an underground source of the spring.
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