Monday, August 14, 2006

"Where does Your Water come from?"

My Blog Agent announces the introduction of Noah's Water Fundraising, a new fund raising program developed to help organizations raise money by providing a Healthy and 100% Natural bottled water. The sole source of Noah's Water is located in western Stanislaus County, California in an area so remote that there are no schools or delivery of U. S. Mail. The area is so mountainous that no bottling plant can be built at the springs, so the water has to be trucked out.

The elevation at the source is 1,375 feet above sea level, which keeps the springs pure. At that elevation in such rocky terrain, there is no agriculture or industry using insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, no smog, or anything else. The area is a rugged wilderness, too steep for any development.

Noah's Water Fundraising is reaching out to charitable organizations large or small to invite them to investigate the benefits of this unique Healthy & 100% Natural bottled spring water program. Now these organizations can help themselves by offering a healthy product to their supporters!

Visit the Noah's Water Fundraising site or send an inquiry to:


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